Aero Space Segment

TAQNIA SPACE owns and operates dedicated satellite assets, KA HTS over MENA, Europe, Atlantic Ocean and Ku over South East Asia, North America, providing contentious and high throughput aero service to airlines. Additional KA HTS capacities and coverages will be added to TAQNIA SPACE Aero network when launching two new Saudi satellite missions, SGS-1 & 6D which will be utilized by TAQNIA SPACE to provide commercial and government Aero services over Europe, Africa, and MENA regions

KA-BAND HTS Inflight connectivity

TAQNIA SPACE Company is introducing “Next-generation global AERO connectivity service” to commercial airlines by Q4 2017. New aero connectivity service will allow, for the first time, passengers flying over MENA/Europe to get the real broadband speed that exceeds 50 Mbps.

Aero Service Package

In-flight Systems

TAQNIA SPACE provides in-flight system with consistent global coverage for both in-flight mobile phone and internet services, as well as an engaging wireless in-flight TV solution

Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

As part of TAQNIA SPACE AERO service package is to provide a full STC (EASA/FAA) for all types of narrow-body and wide-body airframes such as:
Airbus: A320, A321, A330
Boeing: B737, B777-300, B787

SATCOM Terminal

A dual-band (Ka/Ku) antenna is designed by TAQNIA SPACE to mount on the fuselage beneath a radome. This terminal utilizes high-efficiency horn array apertures, providing excellent performance while satisfying regulatory requirements and minimizing radome size.

TAQNIA SPACE Aero Services:

» Broadband Internet.
» GSM.
» Live-TV.
» Entertainment Content.
» Wi-Fi In-flight Entertainment (IFE).

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