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Access to healthcare services is critical to good health, yet residents of rural & remote regions face a variety of access barriers that limit their ability to obtain the care they need.


Technology is helping to push through these barriers. It’s a critical tool to help reach and provide better healthcare for rural areas. Telemedicine is the health sector term coined for video-conferencing and information exchange between healthcare stations. It is emerging as a technology to complement local health services throughout the globe.

SATCOM & Telemedicine

The advantages that satellite communications can bring to telemedicine include instant access to broadband services, particularly in remote areas where telecommunications are inadequate or non-existent, and swift response in disaster situations where speed is vital. Satellites also provide a robust and relatively inexpensive tool, particularly for video links between multiple users. Plus, costs are continually decreasing, and satellites are a tried, tested and extremely reliable means of telecommunication.


By using SATCOM, Diagnostic data, images, and live videos can be transmitted between two locations or to a multi-location conference session. SATCOM also provides the bandwidth to access logistical information and information regarding hospital and medical resources.

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