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TAQNIA SPACE is expressed today as one of the prime Communication on the Move (COTM) service provider throughout the region. Utilizing TAQNIA SPACE global high-throughput satellite network, railways operators can enjoy today the broadband connectivity on their trains.


Railway passengers often discover that their device despite being mobile phone or tablet just does not work entirely or partially on-board. Because in many cases inter-city travel suffers from lack of cellular coverage along the railway path, especially where it travels through rural areas which are consequently preventing a voice call or data link connection.


In addition, most of the train routes often pass through remote, uninhabited areas where laying out a cellular network is not practical. The high cost of installing mobile towers every few kilometers along the entire track, as well as the extended implementation schedule, makes this option unfeasible.


TAQNIA SPACE is engaged in exceeding railway passengers’ expectations of internet connectivity services. We commit to investing in the unmatched amount of capacity, over KSA, to keep up with increasing internet demand and will be ready for future bandwidth demands and services.

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